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Janine Caroline writes contemporary fiction and romance. Her work has been described as sexy, twisty, and suspenseful.



I won a storytelling competition when I was eight years old and decided I wanted to create stories for the rest of my life. My passion for storytelling began even earlier, I would draw piles of pictures and narrate them to friends and family. I loved how pictures could tell stories and fell in love with how books painted pictures, built worlds, took the reader on journeys and tugged at emotions.


As a teenager I wrote short stories, song lyrics and poetry, I grew up with four brothers who were more interested in football, so it was mostly to entertain myself. I still have a box of stuff I wrote back then, and glad to say my writing has improved—I'm not as angsty. 

I developed a passion for screenwriting at university while studying for my film & media degree and have written a number of short screenplays. I've also worked in editorial, events, research, business administration and have experience in counselling.


In 2018 I published my first romance novel I Look at You and Smile. I'm working on my second novel along with a few other project—stay tuned!

I live in London with my husband, who is the most supportive person ever. I’m a great cook (if I do say so myself), and my speciality is Caribbean food, although my culinary skills are varied.

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